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Cut your IT planning time and lower implementation costs with WebLink2 (WebLink Squared) Managed Server solutions. Whether you're a small company looking to establish your presence on the Web or a well-established Internet-centric business, WebLink2 can manage and maintain your hardware, assure it operates smoothly so your staff can focus on applications and content.

If you have a high-transaction Web site, bandwidth-intensive applications, sensitive data protection needs or run sophisticated Web tools, our Dedicated Hosting Service is for you. With Dedicated Hosting, the customer is given exclusive use of a Web server or servers, providing the ultimate in reliability, performance, security and bandwidth. We manage the server and network environment of your complex Web application and provide you with the exclusive use of our premier web servers.

  Red Hat 7.1 Server is a complete package with: OpenSSL with 128-bit encryption for secure communication, True multi-user multi-tasking operating system, Software RAID support for RAID 0 through RAID 5, IP and name based virtual hosting, Graphical firewall configuration tool, 2.4 kernel ready, Send Mail, MySQL, PHP4, FrontPage Server Extensions. More > > >
  The RaQ 4 comes pre-configured with the Red Hat OS, Apache Web Server, Chili!Soft ASP, FTP Server, Sendmail , Majordomo List Server, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage 2000 server extensions, Name-based Virtual Hosting, and DNS Administration Tool. 4 IP's are included as well! More > > >
  The successor to Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server offers four major areas of improvement: reliability, Internet support, management, and hardware. More > > >


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